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Apart from the wealth of information posted on this site since it’s launch, here are links to more than 50 articles written by the creator of this platform, Sinta Ebersohn:

Divorce can be Toxic for Childhood

Litigational Abuse

Dishonesty in Divorce

Parental Alienation

Letter to my Husband’s First Wife

Mother’s Day Tips for Divorced Fathers

Father’s Day Tips for Divorced Mothers

Why I’m doing this and How it works

Forgive Yourself

When Divorce Litigation is Inevitable

Signs that your Spouse is Hiding Assets

Etiquette for Special Occasions

Don’t Burn Your Wedding Photographs

Indulge the Joy – it’s the Best Therapy

I Want versus I Give

Happy Anniversary Dear Ex

12 Reasons NOT to Change Your Last Name after Divorce

Maintenance is Not a Reward

Are You Walking Away or Being Left Behind?

Get A Second Opinion

Thank Your Ex Once In A While

Divorce: The War Stops Here


Angelina & Brad Disgrace Wedding Vows

Ten Financial Steps to Simplify Your Divorce

Reflections on the Past Year with Fair Divorce

Safety and Visitation

Economic Abuse

For Better or Worse

Trauma Release Exercise

Happy (Divorced) Mother’s Day

Child Protection Week

Have a Happy Father’s Day – Tips for Divorced Fathers

How to Handle Holidays

Love Languages to Help Your Child Through Divorce

Back to Normal after the Holidays

Qualities of Happy Blended Families

A Father’s Loss – Moving Out

Survival Tips for Christmas without your Kids

10 Ways to Kick Valentine’s Butt

A Fair Divorce is NOT a Legal Process

Why & How to Buy Your Ex a Gift

Parental Alienation – A Measuring Tool

The Heritage of Divorce

Stop Paying So Much for Your Divorce

Unashamedly Ethical

Who Needs An Attorney if 90% of Divorces Settle Out of Court?

Is Media Fueling the Divorce War?

Spousal Maintenance Does More Harm Than Good

New Legislation Forces Attorneys to Advise Mediation

The Freedom of Divorce

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