Get a Grip on your Divorce

10th August 2016 | By More
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Get a Grip on Your Divorce in 21 Days

Want to start a fresh, happy new life now?

There is a solution specifically developed for MEN and it guarantees your healing in just 21 days!

Developed by Change Management Specialist, Adele Theron, this 21 day programme helps you to focus intently on adapting to the dramatic changes brought about by Divorce. Adele, who is also a trauma therapist and family mediator, applies the world’s most sophisticated and effective trauma recovery techniques and processes.

Regardless of where you are in your divorce process, you can sign up and work through the programme discreetly, at your own pace, around your busy schedule, anytime, anywhere.

Naked Divorce offers practical, step-by-step daily tasks which are flexible and goal orientated, with optional reliable, round-the-clock support when needed. This course will not only help you get your life back on track, you’ll have the structure to be more resilient, more ambitious and more courageous than you’ve ever been before.

This divorce system is endorsed by 16 clinical psychologists and trauma specialists all over the world and consistently works so incredibly well, with a 97% success rate because healing and recovery are not unknown mysteries.

When you sign up, you can get a 5% discount on any of the programmes by using this coupon code: FAIR5

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Take Control of Your Own Divorce Process with A Personal Plan


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