October Give-Away 2018

25th October 2018 | By More

Here is our Give-Away for October 2018

Financial dependence / independence is probably one of our biggest concerns during divorce. Ilze Alberts, author of PASSING the TORCH has generously donated two autographed copies of her book, one of which will be kept in our Library and the other one will be given away in a lucky draw. To enter the draw, please click the link provided below. The draw will take place at 12:00 (SAST) on Wednesday, 31 October 2018.​

This Lucky Draw​ is Closed: Congratulations to the winner, Heidi!


When we divorce, we generally lose a large part of our accumulated wealth. In stead of allowing this set-back to handicap us permanently, the void that we are left with can become the driving force behind recovering from the loss, if we unlock our authentic vision and implement practical steps.

Wealth Psychologist, Ilze Alberts teaches us how to generate wealth and preserve it for future generations. She explains why a family’s wealth consists of much more than just the quantitative (financial) capital, but other qualitative capitals as well. This remarkable book inspires you for a lifelong, dedicated and action-driven journey to prosperity.

This Lucky Draw​ is Closed


Being a Master Demartini Facilitator and international speaker with more than 30 years of experience as a qualified psychologist, Ilze shows families strategies to achieve personal well-being, financial independence and strong relationships.

She is a founding member of Fair Divorce Practitioners and also offers an online course Powerful Handling of Divorce for Parents, incorporating her valuable experience with helping families through the process as well as her own successful transition through divorce and blending families.

This Lucky Draw​ is Closed



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