21 Fair Divorce Lessons

24th June 2019 | By More

21 Fair Divorce Lessons

(extracts from the book by divorce mentor, Sinta Ebersohn)

25 June was Global Fair Divorce day and in my book, 21 Fair Divorce Lessons (which will be published soon), I offer 21 significant elements that ensure a fair separation and divorce. Here are the first three:

  1. Choose the right process:

Litigation is an acrimonious process by nature. Divorce is instigated with a formal document (summons) by accusing your spouse of wrong-doing and challenging them to either give you what you demand or defend themselves in a public court of law. This summons is usually served on your spouse during office hours, which tends to be very inconvenient, quite humiliating and infuriating at times. Most recipients feel compelled to defend themselves and the only appropriate response to such a summons, is litigation. Thus you set the stage for a long, expensive legal battle. Mediation, on the other hand, is a…

  1. Safeguard our Children:

Couples are overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions when their relationships break down, which determines their behaviour. Some feel the need to justify their choices, blame someone or prove their innocence and the closest people to witness that are children, who have no or limited understanding of adult matters. It is unfair and abusive to drag children into the centre of an adult dispute.

Children have to be told about a divorce, in an age appropriate manner and the only details they need to know, are…

  1. Be Honest

Many parties to a divorce, hide their assets in an attempt to punish the other party by not giving them their fair share of the combined estate. Some divorcees go to great lengths to pretend that they cannot afford to support their families, leaving one parent to bear the responsibilities of raising a family alone. Those who choose to defraud, might either be blissfully ignorant of the devastating effects on their family or intent on some kind of revenge. Even though your married relationship with your ex is terminated by divorce, they are still…

Further elements that are explored in my book, include Communication, Mental Health, Connection (not Alienation), Truth (not False Accusations), Good Intentions, Compassion, Resilience and many more. Want to get more information about the book and get notified when it is released? Contact me:

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