About Sinta Ebersohn

I am a Creative Thinker, Problem Solver, Campaigner, Educator, Coach & Mentor, proud to be an accomplished, internationally published author with regular publications in Elephant Journal, Divorce Force, Feedspot, Huffington PostIOLNews24, Parent24The Good Men Project, WomanOnline, The Minds Journal and many more.

As the mother of two beautiful boys and a big happy blended family, I am passionate about educating the world on pressing social issues like civilised divorce instead of devastating wars between couples, how empathy prevents bullying among young children, effective education models, extraordinary e-learning, cultivating resilience in the face of adversity and more. Eternally curious and eager to learn, I am a champion campaigner who has created various educational platforms from which I build global networks to drive these issues. Blessed to spend most of my business day serving my highest values, I find harmony in literature, yoga, meditation and music. Above all, I indulge in the joy of life, love and mother nature. Fair Divorce was born out of my life-long journey which started as a child of divorce and blended families, a second-wife & step-mother and now a successful divorced co-parent. Having experienced parental alienation from both a child’s and a parent’s perspective, this initiative is close to my heart and drives my continuous search for solutions.

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Why am I a Divorce Mentor?

Since the launch of Fair Divorce in 2015, I have been travelling all over South Africa, meeting with professional service & product providers for divorce, to collaborate with. I have also been actively building a global network of Fair Divorce Practitioners reaching the USA, UK, Australia and many more locations. This platform is currently serving more than 25 000 users in over 170 countries worldwide and expanding rapidly.

Please visit my calendar to reserve an online consultation with me, for a comprehensive evaluation and valuable action plan for your unique situation.

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Founder of Fair Divorce Practitioners – a group of discerning individuals who provide ethical and honourable online support to families going through divorce, by means of webinars, courses, videos, broadcasts etc.