Fair Divorce Practitioners: Members

As Fair Divorce Practitioners, we support honourable and fair divorce practices, which help families adjust to the changes, establish healthy family dynamics and continue to build successful post-divorce relationships.

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Sinta Ebersohn

Cape Town & Pretoria
South Africa

Bio – As mother of two beautiful boys and a big happy blended family, I am passionate about educating the world on civilised divorce options instead of devastating wars between couples. My life-long journey which started as a child of divorce in blended families, a second-wife & step-mother and now a successful co-parent combined with my rigorous research over the past ten years grounds my campaigns.

Why FDP?Fair Divorce Practitioners was born out of the need to provide reliable online support to families facing the many challenges of divorce, by offering the best information from experts all over the world, all in one place. People can learn and find support discreetly and even anonymously where necessary.

Vision & Purpose – FDP is a discerning group of individuals, who believe in honourable and fair divorce practices, with the purpose of offering a variety of online materials in support of families facing the life-changes divorce and separation bring about.


Ilze Alberts
(Founding Member)

Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

Bio – With more than 30 years experience as a family-focused psychologist and a human behaviour specialist, Ilze Alberts has brought to life “Powerful Handling of Divorce”, a course for parents to help their children go through the challenges of parents divorcing or parents who are divorced. She has incorporated her own experience working with families as well as her own successful transformation for her children and herself, after her divorce from her children’s father. She is the proud mother of two well adjusted, balanced and inspiring adult children.


Why join FDP? – To share my knowledge and insights with other parents – how to powerfully handle divorce.

Vision & Purpose – After many years of empowering my own children and myself as well as many other families going through divorce I put my knowledge into an online product: Powerful Handling of Divorce for Parents.

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Eric Bensoussan
(Founding Member)


Bio – Eric is a Transformational Relationship & Divorce Coach. At the age of 49, he had been in different challenges with relationships and divorces. He has overcome emotional challenges by healing and transforming his life’s situation into opportunities to learn and grow. He is gifted now with a whole different perspective about relationships. As a result of his transformation, he lives a life from a place of love, with infinite possibilities. He is now dedicated to helping people do the same.


Why join FDP? – I just want to help as many people as I can, and believe my approach is effective. I witness transformation with every client.

Vision & Purpose – The core of my work: “The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have”.

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Sara Davison
(Founding Member)

Ascot, Berkshire

Bio – Sara combines 20 years’ coaching experience together with her own personal experience of marriage breakdown to create bespoke coaching programmes designed to help individuals through the turbulent terrain of breakups and reclaim their lives as stronger, happier versions of themselves. Author of the best-selling book Uncoupling, creator of Heartbreak Hotel recovery retreats and Break-Up Breakthrough video coaching programme, Sara banishes the stigma surrounding divorce.


Why join FDP? – I am widely recognised as a leading expert in my field and I would love to be involved in a team of like minded people who share a similar mission. United we can help more people!

Vision & Purpose – I help people to cope better with break-up, heartbreak and divorce. I have created techniques and strategies that are currently helping men and women around the world. I aim to make a difference and share the knowledge and skills I have to show that there is life after break-up and you can grab back control and go on to be be happy again.

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Errol Goetsch

Gauteng, South Africa

Bio – Errol founded The Justice and Reconciliation Center, together with his wife Lorraine in 2014. It is a child protection and training centre in Meyerton, providing support to parents and professionals throughout South Africa. Errol offers brilliant analyses and insight into dirty tricks employed in high conflict divorces as he assists parents to obtain 50/50 parenting. He specialises in training, legal strategy, mediation and forensic reports.


Why join FDP? – To help the divorce industry keep children safe, by pacifying high conflict divorces and protecting children in the process.

Vision & Purpose – To assist pro-family organisations, to empower parents to make healthy decisions free from duress, to reform the law and remove perverse incentives for conflict and crime.

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Suzy Miller 


Bio – TEDx Speaker, International Divorce Strategist & creator of the free Best Way To Divorce App, Suzy help clients to save thousands in legal fees by showing them how to make dispute resolution become a successful tool in the divorce toolbox, avoiding prolonged court battles. She navigates clients towards ways to co-parent successfully – even if the other parent is very difficult, and help make sure clients don’t let their divorce harm their children’s, or their own, mental wellbeing.


Why join FDP? – I believe that the only way we can find peace through major life shifts like divorce and family separation, is to change the way we see these events, and so therefore, the way we deal with them. 

Vision & Purpose – Helping divorcing families to evolve from ‘broken families’ into ‘extended families’ by showing them how to avoid costly court battles and to use Peace as their Weapon of Choice™️.


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