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When I went through the devastation of my own divorce, I often wished there was one central place I could go, to get all the information I needed.



If only, there was a one-stop-divorce-shop that could tell me…

  • where to start
  • all the aspects I had to consider
  • how to protect my children from the tragic impact
  • what are my options
  • how to deal with the emotional stuff
  • where to get the best professional help
  • what other support is available etc.

… I wouldn’t have felt so terrified, anxious and depressed about the desperate position in which I found myself.

After being ship-wrecked by an acrimonious sea of litigation, I founded Fair Divorce in 2015. Since then, I have been networking locally in South Africa as well as globally, with Mediators, Mental Health Practitioners, Social Workers, Family Advocates, Attorneys, Coaches, Organisations and other professional service and product providers for divorce. At the same time, this educational website for families going through divorce, have been growing to serve more than 25 000 unique users in more than 160 countries world-wide to date.

Read more about me and the work that I do.

In order to serve this niche market even better, I founded an exclusive Fair Divorce Practitioners (FDP) Group, who provide online divorce services and products. There are literally thousands of people all over the world, who are too private, too afraid or too ashamed to approach someone for help with their divorce, but they appreciate and value this online platform, where they can learn and find support discreetly and even anonymously where necessary. Not to mention the thousands of people who openly and actively share their divorce experiences and what they discover on this website. Furthermore, most find it hard to find the time to consult a professional or research divorce related topics during working hours or parenting time, so being able to get help after hours or at a convenient time in a flexible schedule, makes perfect sense. We already reach people across time zones and all sorts of boundaries on this platform.

Current Members of FDP

If you offer webinars, courses, tools, programmes, workshops, discussions, broadcasts or anything else online, you are invited to apply to join this group as a member. As a subscribed member, you will benefit from all of the following as long as you provide details and marketing materials directly via email.

  • A member listing on the website (photograph, short bio & link)
  • Advertising your online offers on the website & social media, subject to approval
  • Contributing your own articles, subject to approval
  • Negotiating affiliate- and/or commission agreements
  • Listing your services & authored books in the various directories
  • Offering specials & give-aways, subject to approval
  • Displaying the Fair Divorce Practitioners logo & link, on your website
  • Networking with other members
  • Participation in & exposure at exclusive online events
  • Receiving the Fair Divorce Newsletter

Have a look at some of the online programmes we’re offering as well as recent webinars & workshops in our directory.

Apply now to add your name to a discerning group of individuals, who believe in honourable and fair divorce practices, leaving families well-adjusted to the changes, established in a healthy new family dynamic and excited about their future! Member subscription is $30 per month. This limited exclusive offer includes the above benefits at no extra charge. For details about advertising and contributions of material, refer to clauses 7 & 8 of the Terms & Conditions.

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