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Linda Smith HarveyQ & A

with Linda Smith Harvey
(Abundance by Design)



What is your background and how did you start Abundance by Design?

My interest in the money system started as a teenager.  My question was:  Why don’t people get their money working for them, instead of working for their money? With that in mind, I saved 50% of my income from the first month I received a salary.  My saving was directed to building a deposit to purchase a house.  My plan was to put tenants into the house and pay off the bond within 5 years.  I bought my house at age 21 and did just that.  Got tenants and over 5 years, paid off the bond.

Only years later, through helping friends with their finances which resulted in their friends also wanting my help, I identified a gap in the market – financial empowerment.  A soul felt financial journey.  A holistic approach to finances offered in the form of one on one financial coaching.  From that work, I developed public workshops and now I offer online webinar programs.

Divorce is known to have a huge impact on one’s financial situation. In your experience, is it possible to recover after divorce and rebuild wealth successfully?

It is definitely possible, but it takes time and attention, guidance and accountability.  Getting divorced is one of the most traumatic experiences that one can go through, so keeping an eye on the finances at the same time, is not easy.  But it is important!

If time is committed to this area of your life, it is possible to recover, in fact, it is essential to put a plan in place.  It is a part of the recovery journey and a gift to your future self.

Where would you advise people to start their financial recovery process after divorce?

A good place to start is to write down your 1 to 3 year financial goals.  Having a vision keeps you moving forward.  Clarity is the next step!  Being clear about where you are (after the divorce) Where do you want to be and what action steps to take to move towards your goals?  It may be baby steps to begin with, but as they say, every journey begins with that first step!

What are the common pitfalls you have come across, which prevent us from achieving financial security?

The most common pitfall is avoiding the finances.  Finances can be uncomfortable to talk about and/or a “heated topic”, resulting in conflict.  Sometimes it may seem easier to avoid it.  Many people do not feel comfortable talking about money and have even less confidence to track and manage their month end or day to day expenses.  This can be rectified by starting with being clear about where you are now.

Simply hoping that it will work out will not get the experience or the results wanted.

Please tell us more about your philosophy & methodology?

My philosophy is about believing in you.  Knowing that you are your greatest asset and therefore taking care of yourself is very important.

My methodology includes working on a persons’ mindset and beliefs about money, along with the practical side, of managing your money – literally getting clear on the numbers.  If you don’t know where you are, or where you want to be, how can you ever get there?

Through guidance, support and accountability I have seen miracles happen in people’s lives and that is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work.

I believe our finances are a reflection of what we believe about ourselves, in terms of value and self worth.

The right mindset, with structure and order are the ingredients to attract increased income flow.  My work is teaching people how to do that, to achieve the results that they desire, including increasing their income flow!

At the end of the year, many people receive financial bonuses as reward for their hard work. Instead of spending all of it on a vacation and presents for the festive season, what tips can you give them to spend it wisely?

Save it!  Ok save half of it.  Investing in your future is one of the BEST and ESSENTIAL ways to direct your money.  It is a choice, but when you save, you are choosing you!

My advice would be to invest half!  That way, you are getting your money working for you.

Create a wish list – something that you and your family can work on together.

Teaching your children about having goals and knowing that you can work towards them together and then having a great sense of achievement, could be the best investment you make!

What practical advice can you give those people who are going through divorce?

Do not avoid the financial component.  If you have not handled the finances in your marriage, now is the time to do so.

Get advice, get help – do not ignore it and hope that it will work out

It will not work out the way you want it to, unless you get into the driver’s seat and make it happen.  It is easier than it seems, when you get the right help and support

Best advice:  Keep moving forward.  Do not put your head in the sand – stay focused on your next step.

Anything else you would like to add?

You owe it to yourself and to your children to have clarity and peace of mind about your finances.  Your relationship with money is a relationship for LIFE.  Give it time and attention.  Look after your money, so that it can look after you!

More about Linda at https://fairdivorce.co.za/directory-financial/


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