67 Divorce Problems & Solutions

“Generally speaking, there are two kinds of learning: experience, which is gained from your own mistakes, and wisdom, which is learned from the mistakes of others.” – John Maxwell

On Mandela day (18 July 2019), I set out to answer 67 questions about divorce, as my goodwill contribution. It took several days of diligent dedication to work through all of them, but the result is so profound and inspiring, that I’ve decided to put them all into a Workbook for easy reference and research. They have been numbered, categorised and I’ve also added a lot more reading material and resources with great practical advice and inspiration. There is ample space for you to make notes as you work through the questions with my responses and suggested further reading.


This is what people have been saying about my responses to their questions:

“Wow, thank you for your prompt response. I have read it and it helps a lot. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.”

“Gosh, I’ve been amazed at your compassion to all the questions and your answers are full of empathy.”

“Thank you sooo much.”

“Thank you for your response. Much appreciated.”

“Your answers are excellent.”

“You give great advice. This is an amazing page.”

“Thank you so much!!! Appreciate the advice.”

“These 67 questions and answers have been really insightful. Thank you for your time.”

I would also love to get your valuable feedback on the wealth of information that this Workbook offers.