Co-Parenting Tools

The Family Contribution Calculator provides an accurate measurement of the daily contributions of each parent (partner) to their own well-being and that of their children – in other words, how they both meet the needs of every family member and contribute to a healthy, happy family.

It is based on the principle that there are several aspects to a healthy and well-balanced family life, which require dedicated work and growth for every member of a family (parents and children) to flourish. It consists of the following aspects (categories): Physical, Financial, Educational & Vocational, Logistical & Practical, Relational & Social, Mental & Emotional and Spiritual. All of the categories are equally important and holistically valuable to a family as they are the foundation and building blocks for a prosperous future. Therefore each aspect consists of ten questions about relevant responsibilities, duties and tasks to determine which parent takes care of what.

Complete the Online Questionnaire and receive your consolidated results via private e-mail report within 24 hours.

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Co-Parenting Post Divorce simplified with this:

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The iPhone, Android and Webapp offers these features: Interactive Calendar, Financial Management System, Family Journal, Photo Albums, Information Bank, Task Manager, Document Storage, Lists (to-do & shopping), Messaging & Notifications

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