Perspective Resources

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A Single Dad’s Guide to Raising Young Children, by David Thompson, offers practical advice on raising healthy, happy kids by avoiding the most common mistakes. After divorce, a father’s role changes and so does his part in caring for and raising the children. This book will prove to be a handy “how to”.

For an entertaining account of the origin of human beings and the real differences between men and women, read Brain Sex by Anne Moir and David Jessel. It might very well challenge your existing beliefs, based on the way you were raised and provoke new perspectives in your thinking, as it explains a lot.

Paul Mandelstein, the divorced father of four children and founder of the Father Resource Network (FRN), helps fathers (and mothers) discover a path to navigate the stormy waters of divorce and create a healthy extended family environment, guided by the principles of collaboration and cooperation.

Are you a busy parent of children aged 6 to 10 who are going through a divorce? Do you feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to help your children cope? Then this book by Emma Winnett, designed for busy parents which can be read in less than an hour is for you.

Co-Parenting After Divorcing a Narcissist is for anyone who wants to ensure their children are looked after in the right way, and not impacted negatively by their narcissistic ex, no matter how nasty their divorce has been.

When is the last time you read a parenting book – specifically about divorce – written from the perspective of the child? While there are plenty of resources for divorced couples, very few of them are written by a child of divorce.

Like every other phase of life, getting divorced is just another phase in your life and something that you should look forward to overcome. For that matter, don’t look at divorce as the end of your life; rather look at it as a new beginning. A simple change in your attitude will help you get over the situation and embrace the new changes in life.

Written for single moms looking for inspiration, motivation, and practical steps on how to create a life she can be proud of for herself and her children. Readers will come away from the book feeling like they can and overcome any obstacle put before them as a single mom.