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This empathic guide helps children deal with their grief and other divorce related problems arising from their parents’ separation. Now What Do I Do, written by Lyn Cassella-Kapusinki, offers practical exercises and activities.


A Single Dad’s Guide to Raising Young Children, by David Thompson, offers practical advice on raising healthy, happy kids by avoiding the most common mistakes. After divorce, a father’s role changes and so does his part in caring for and raising the children. This book will prove to be a handy “how to”.

For an entertaining account of the origin of human beings and the real differences between men and women, read Brain Sex by Anne Moir and David Jessel. It might very well challenge your existing beliefs, based on the way you were raised and provoke new perspectives in your thinking, as it explains a lot.

This book is filled with real life experiences, to make you realise the immense importance of your role as a father. Read Dad, by Craig Wilkinson to gain profound insight into fatherhood and manhood.