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FREE ONLINE DIVORCE SUMMIT on Global Fair Divorce Day (25 June 2024)

On Global Fair Divorce Day, 25 June, I’m hosting a FREE Online DIVORCE SUMMIT It will be an incredible collection of interviews with 30+ Experts who share their knowledge as well as Divorced and Alienated Families who tell their heart-breaking stories of triumph over trauma, from all over the world. Sign up NOW to secure …

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Parental Alienation

An Underhanded Tactic to Win Divorce Disputes Parental Alienation refers to a disturbing phenomenon where one parent systematically manipulates a child to reject or fear the other parent, often during or after a divorce or separation. From a legal standpoint, it involves the intentional undermining of the child’s relationship with the targeted parent through various …

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Nuclear & Extended Family Dynamics

The Impact of Separation, Divorce and Blending New Families In the intricate landscape of family dynamics, the processes of separation, divorce and blending new families can introduce profound shifts in both nuclear and extended family structures. These transitions carry far-reaching implications, influencing the well-being of family members and shaping the resilience and adaptability of familial …

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Putting Children First is Toxic!

Yes, you read correctly. When going through a divorce or blending a new family, putting the children’s needs above everyone else’s, is toxic. In fact, it is not a good idea for any family. It is a great recipe for unhealthy parent-child relationships and dysfunctional families. Since I founded this platform in 2015, I’ve been …

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While You Were Gone

Printable Scrapbook Templates for Alienated Families Available for instant download on Etsy I have a long family history of alienation and only when I went through my own gruelling divorce, did I become aware of the term parental alienation and the horrifying extent to which families are affected by it all over the world. Since …

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21 Ways Cultural Diversity Impacts Divorce

21 May is World Day of Cultural Diversity and to commemorate that, let’s look at the role cultural diversity plays in our relationships, families and communities especially when going through separation and divorce. Diversity is a great thing. It enriches our relationships and widens our horizons. Opposites attract and it’s super exciting to get to …

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Divorced and Blended Family Challenges

Discussions about the biggest challenges divorced and blended families face with practical advice, valuable insights and helpful tips for family members.

67 Divorce Problems & Solutions

“Generally speaking, there are two kinds of learning: experience, which is gained from your own mistakes, and wisdom, which is learned from the mistakes of others.” – John Maxwell On Mandela day (18 July 2019), I set out to answer 67 questions about divorce, as my goodwill contribution. It took several days of diligent dedication …

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Smile Radio on Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful chat with Benito Vergotine, on The Honest Truth, on SmileFM Radio, about Mother’s Day. We discussed practical tips for divorced fathers to help their children celebrate their mother as well as ways for a divorced mother to teach her children how to celebrate such a special occasion without the help of …

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Parental Alienation in South Africa

Radio Talk about Parental Alienation in Afrikaans   I recently talked about Parental Alienation with Johan Rademan at Oggend op RSG in Afrikaans. Attorney Louise Rive joined the conversation for a legal perspective. Ek het onlangs oor Ouervervreemding gesels met Johan Rademan van Oggend op RSG in Afrikaans. Prokureur Louise Rive het saam gesels vir …

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