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This empathic guide helps children deal with their grief and other divorce related problems arising from their parents’ separation. Now What Do I Do, written by Lyn Cassella-Kapusinki, offers practical exercises and activities.

Noted as one of the top ten children’s authors in the UK in 2003, award winner Kes Gray wrote a charming book about divorce, for children. Mum and Dad Glue, will not only help your child make sense of the situation but also accept the reality of separation. In 2011 the book was shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Children’s Book Awards.

Child Psychologist Dr Roberts designed the Just Enough series of books to empower parents and caregivers to start conversations with young ones about challenging and difficult matters, such as birth, death, diversity and also divorce. Why Do Families Change? is a reassuring and straightforward explanation of separation and divorce with delightful illustrations by Cindy Revell. The question and answer format of the book enables parents to guide the conversation to a positive conclusion in an age appropriate manner.

. A touching recount of children’s experiences of divorce, for the whole family to watch. Divorce: A Journey Throught The Kids’ Eyes is a must watch for all parents who are considering divorce or struggling to help their children through it.

Divorce is the Worst, by Anastasia Higginbotham, is the first in as series called Ordinary Terrible Things. It gives an honest, realistic view of how children experience separation and divorce. “Exceptional in it’s child-centered portrayal.”


TeenBetween . For teenagers, TeenBetween is a sympathetic video sharing familiar situations they find themselves in when their parents are separated or divorced.

Voice of the Child of Divorce . Food for thought – a moving recount of a child’s perspective on the divorce of his parents. Voice of the Child of Divorce speaks for all children who have suffered the consequences of divorce.

Kids on top of divorce . Kids on Top of Divorce is a short but sweet video for children aged 6 – 11 years, about divorce. Watch it with your child and discuss what you saw to ease the transition.

More Books

. A practical guide to help children achieve resilience during their parents’ divorce, Mom’s House, Dad’s House is a must read. Authored by Isolina Ricci, the book offers valuable tips and tools to help them adjust and cope.

. Two Homes, written by Claire Masurel and illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton, will help children and their parents to adjust to all the difficult changes brought about by separation and divorce. A charming read.

When My Parents Forgot How To Be Friends (Let’s Talk About It) is part of the Tell Somebody Books, written and illustrated especially for children who’s parents are going through divorce. Read them aloud to your children and discuss their experience with them. Illustrated by Marta Fabrega and written by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos. Also available in Afrikaans.

. This reassuring tale, written by Kathy Stinson and illustrated by Vian Oelofsen eases children into the reality of divorce, illustrating the frustration and confusion experienced by them, when their parents are no longer together. Give Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore to your child as a gift.

. Daddy’s Getting Married (Let’s Talk About It) is part of the Tell Somebody Books, addresses the issues children have to deal with when one of their parents decide to remarry after divorce. Read them aloud to your children and discuss their experience with them. Written by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos and illustrated by Marta Fabrega. Also available in Afrikaans.