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The Parenting Plan Workbook by Karen Bonnell, guides divorcing parents toward creating a child-centered agreement which enables a stable two-home environment for children.

Get an overview of all legal aspects of divorce, learn about the rights of all parties involved and the best course of action to take. Everyone’s Guide to Divorce and Separation by Bertus Preller, is a valuable reference guide for your bookshelf.

This highly anticipated second edition of Splitting includes new chapters on abuse, alienation, and false allegations; as well as information about the four types of domestic violence, protective orders, and child custody disputes.

This book tells you in detail exactly what you need know to make informed decisions, describes how you can write up your decisions in a legally binding document, or what will happen if you go to court. The back of the book contains a chart for the easy comparison of the litigation, negotiation, collaboration and mediation processes, along with many helpful financial worksheets. 

This book talks about contentious divorce-related issues such as children and finances, and outlines the process of negotiation, settlement, and trial. Finally, it offers guidance on divorcing a spouse who may be abusive or struggling with mental illness, and closes by teaching you how to pave the way for a happy post-divorce life.

Organized into eleven chapters, Marlo Van Oorschot answers pressing questions on topics, including financial support, social security benefits, health insurance, estate planning and shared property issues – straightforward, practical advice.