The Power of Mental Health

Nurturing Your Well-Being In our fast-paced world it’s easy to overlook the importance of mental health. However, taking care of our minds is just as vital as caring for our physical well-being. Let’s look into the significance of mental health and explore some common mental health challenges people face. Additionally, I’ll provide valuable insights into …

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Putting Children First is Toxic!

Yes, you read correctly. When going through a divorce or blending a new family, putting the children’s needs above everyone else’s, is toxic. In fact, it is not a good idea for any family. It is a great recipe for unhealthy parent-child relationships and dysfunctional families. Since I founded this platform in 2015, I’ve been …

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Drug & Alcohol Detection in Divorce Cases

Sinta Ebersohn, interviews Forensic Toxicologist Dr Tim Lourens about the variety of drug & alcohol tests available on the market, which are most reliable and application protocol. He also offers valuable insight into the impact of allegations and proof of abuse in divorce cases. Subscribe to Sinta Ebersohn’s Youtube Channel to view past and future interviews Subscribe …

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Why Alcoholism Causes Divorce

Effects of Alcoholism on Families: Many people call alcoholism a family disease. Alcohol addiction does tend to run in families, but that’s not why it’s called a family disease. It has that reputation because one person’s addiction to alcohol affects the entire family. .. Alcoholism causes physical and emotional health problems. The person with alcohol …

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