FREE ONLINE DIVORCE SUMMIT on Global Fair Divorce Day (25 June 2024)

On Global Fair Divorce Day, 25 June, I’m hosting a FREE Online DIVORCE SUMMIT It will be an incredible collection of interviews with 30+ Experts who share their knowledge as well as Divorced and Alienated Families who tell their heart-breaking stories of triumph over trauma, from all over the world. Sign up NOW to secure …

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Intimate Partner Betrayal Trauma

Intimate Partner Betrayal is a profound emotional and psychological trauma. In this video I explain the immense impact on the betrayed partner and the far reaching effects on their past, present and future Self. When your partner or significant other betrays your mutual trust relationship it affects so many areas of your live adversely: emotionally, …

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Putting Children First is Toxic!

Yes, you read correctly. When going through a divorce or blending a new family, putting the children’s needs above everyone else’s, is toxic. In fact, it is not a good idea for any family. It is a great recipe for unhealthy parent-child relationships and dysfunctional families. Since I founded this platform in 2015, I’ve been …

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Meaningful Parenting

What you should know about parenting styles “As long as I love my kids and keep their best interests at heart, there is no right or wrong way to parent.” – Anonymous As parents, we all want to do right by our children. We want to give them a memorable childhood. We want to teach …

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Family Contribution Calculator

Quantify your contribution to your family in relation to the contribution of your partner / spouse / co-parent and apply the results to obtain meaningful future goals for your family. I developed a product to settle one of the biggest and most frustrating arguments couples with children have, whether they are together, married, separated or …

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Sexual Health & Relationships

Intimacy and Sex – How it Impacts our Relationships Subscribe to Sinta Ebersohn’s Youtube Channel to view past and future interviews Subscribe to the Fair Divorce Podcast to listen to all her interviews and other discussions. Sinta Ebersohn recently interviewed Cheryl Reum to celebrate World Sexual Health Day on 4 September. Watch this uninhibited conversation …

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Global Fair Divorce Day – 25 June 2021

The Fifth Annual Global Fair Divorce Day, is on Tuesday, 25 June 2021 Participation is World-wide and FREE . Divorce Can and Should be FAIR! Join us in fighting all unfair divorce tactics and creating awareness of fair ways to divorce. There is no need for separating or divorcing couples to be at war with …

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21 Ways Cultural Diversity Impacts Divorce

21 May is World Day of Cultural Diversity and to commemorate that, let’s look at the role cultural diversity plays in our relationships, families and communities especially when going through separation and divorce. Diversity is a great thing. It enriches our relationships and widens our horizons. Opposites attract and it’s super exciting to get to …

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Divorced and Blended Family Challenges

Discussions about the biggest challenges divorced and blended families face with practical advice, valuable insights and helpful tips for family members.

67 Divorce Problems & Solutions

“Generally speaking, there are two kinds of learning: experience, which is gained from your own mistakes, and wisdom, which is learned from the mistakes of others.” – John Maxwell On Mandela day (18 July 2019), I set out to answer 67 questions about divorce, as my goodwill contribution. It took several days of diligent dedication …

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