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The power to be fair, lies with you and your partner alone. It is time for you to claim that power and save your marriage or divorce amicably!

The divorce options currently available to us, are based on the premise that we’ll either negotiate and convince our spouse to be fair through mediation or collaboration and if that fails, we’ll force them to be fair through litigation. In fact, most of us initiate litigation first and by the time we’ve broken down what’s left of the relationship to such a degree that we cannot stand each other, depleted our finances and find ourselves at an emotional breaking point, then only, do we desperately attempt to mediate. Sadly, it is also only at this low point that we start searching for alternative solutions.

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What we don’t realise, is that all these actions are aimed at getting the other person to change. We want them to change how they think, how they behave and how they share with us.

We Can Not Change Other People! We Can Only Change Ourselves!

I’ve learnt from my own experience that there is a far better and simpler way to go through a divorce and a far better chance of saving your marriage too.

Being a child of divorce, a divorced parent and blended family member myself, I have combined my personal experience with ten years of devoted, extensive, ongoing research and building a growing global and local network of remarkable individuals who work with all kinds of divorce related matters. Everything I learn and discover, is incorporated into this website daily and most of it is freely available to anyone who needs support, practical advice and guidance through divorce. This platform is my contribution to a broken world, overwhelmed by the devastation of divorce as well as my fierce campaign for honourable and fair divorce practice. However, I also mentor all members of a family that is dealing with separation and divorce, adults and teenagers included see details below.

Litigation is generally the worst option for resolving family disputes and only effective for those who have the financial means to fight till the bitter end while everybody suffers a lot of trauma along the way. Mediation and Collaboration are far better options, but only effective if both parties commit to the process completely.

So what do we do if neither of the above options work for us?
What if we are in one of these processes but we still can’t seem to agree on anything?
How do we really get through a divorce with our dignity intact?

We re-evaluate the situation from a new perspective, educate ourselves and implement newly learned skills, to make the shift happen. I believe without a doubt that divorce can be fair and it depends entirely upon you and how you handle it!

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Written by Sinta Ebersohn (creator of fairdivorce.co.za – Stellenbosch RSA)