Sinta Ebersohn

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Over the years, Fair Divorce has been more than a platform; it’s been a sanctuary for families navigating the turbulent waters of separation and divorce. It’s been a place where hearts found solace, where wisdom was shared and where hope was rekindled. Today, I stand before you, not as the founder of Fair Divorce but as someone who has evolved, grown and expanded her purpose. I want to share my journey with you and invite you to embark on this new chapter with me.

My mission with Fair Divorce has always been to support families through the tumultuous process of divorce. It has been my privilege to provide guidance, resources and a network of professionals to help you navigate this challenging chapter in your lives. The website has been recognised and celebrated and I’m grateful for the awards it has received. However, as life often does, it led me down a path of deeper understanding and a broader mission.

As I worked with countless families, it became evident that many relationship problems were rooted in unresolved childhood trauma or other past adversities. I gradually transitioned to study trauma extensively and this journey led me to become an internationally accredited practitioner in various fields, all focused on Post Traumatic Growth. I have honed my skills as a mentor, trauma debriefing specialist, resilience practitioner, complementary therapist, wellness counselor and strategic life coach. My passion has shifted towards teaching resilience, not just for those experiencing divorce, but for anyone facing adversity in life.

How I Work

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In my one-on-one sessions, I guide clients to identify the profound life lessons that traumatic experiences offer and show them how to integrate these lessons into personal growth and development. I teach clients how to consciously cultivate resilience in every aspect of their lives: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, vocationally and within their families. The goal is not merely to survive but to thrive, so that everyone in their lives, especially their children and families, can benefit.

While many of you have been part of the Fair Divorce community due to divorce-related challenges, I’ve seen an increasing number of clients with unresolved childhood trauma, often stemming from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). These traumas are deep and impactful and they affect all areas of our lives. The challenges we face, from divorce to the top stressors in life, become an opportunity for growth and resilience.

My life journey has been filled with many of these adversities and I’ve faced them head-on, repeatedly. My personal experiences have added immeasurable value to my work as a practitioner. I’m continually working on my own growth and resilience, increasing my capacity to weather whatever life throws my way. It is my deepest passion to impart these tools to the world, so that every individual can face adversity with strength, courage and grace.

A New Journey of Resilience & Growth

So, as Fair Divorce evolves, I want to invite you to join me on this journey of resilience and growth. The Fair Divorce platform will remain a cornerstone of support but now, there are new and more evolved opportunities for you to shape your future after the devastation of divorce. We have expanded into a membership community called “Get Up and Grow,” where you can access a wealth of information, resources, courses, workshops and events. My vision for this community is to cultivate resilient families and while most members are parents, everyone is welcome to be part of this transformative journey.

There are both free and affordable paid options to access all the value that “Get Up and Grow” offers. This is where we will explore resilience, growth and thriving in the face of adversity. Join me in this next chapter as we continue to learn, support and inspire one another on the path to a more resilient and fulfilled life.

Thank you for being a part of the Fair Divorce community and I can’t wait to see you on the other side, ready to “Get Up and Grow” with us.

With heartfelt warmth and gratitude,

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Written by Sinta Ebersohn (creator of – Stellenbosch RSA)