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Make your own beautiful divorce mandala, designed by the creator of Fair Divorce, Sinta Ebersohn, with a divorce mantra crafted in your own words. Display it and make a daily ritual of reading it out loud to guide you through the divorce process and beyond.

This is a practical guide with simple exercises and meditations, to help you come to terms with your divorce. Healing Divorce Rituals, by Kathryn Klvana will help you transform your divorce experience.

Demartini on Motherhood A Mother’s Day Gift to share!Watch this thought-provoking short video of Dr John Demartini, talking about Motherhood and our sense of guilt and loss about it. This will apply to you and your children!Also read the Tips in the Happy (Divorced) Mother’s Day! article

What is the most important thing(s) in your life? Determine your own unique values through reading Dr John Demartini‘s, The Values Factor and open up a whole new world. Discover what it means to serve those values and start doing what you were born to do. This book reveals the secret to creating an inspired and fulfilling life.

Caroline Myss on Chakras Wisdom related to energy anatomy: Our energetic anatomy is as specific as our physical anatomy. There are specific patterns to the illnesses that we develop and investing in low vibrational beliefs and holding onto information that no longer rings true causes dis-ease. Caroline Myss is a teacher on this subject. Here is a clip that is from the 1990’s, yet contains information that might be new for you.

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