Practical Resources

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Parents need help to confidently take on the challenges of guiding children through divorce or separation and raising them skillfully in 2 homes. The authors, both trusted divorce and co-parenting coaches, provide the road map for all family members to safely navigate the difficult emotional terrain through separation/divorce and beyond.

Karen Bonnell, provides valuable insights into the mechanics of writing a strong, child-centred parenting plan. The very handy, four part content of The Parenting Plan Handbook, covers Creating a Parenting Plan while Keeping Kids Central, Designing a Residential Schedule, Transitions, Communication & Decision-Making and finally Changes, Conflict Resolution & Co-Parenting.

 There are plenty of happy endings to divorce as well, as Barbara Quick pays tribute to those couples who reconfigured their families and regained balance and civility in Still Friends: Living Happily Ever After… Even If Your Marriage Falls Apart.

Sue Palmer, offers practical, sensible advice on how best to deal with the problems children face today, in her book. Not only does she address the toxic effect of divorce, but also a number of other common matters such as family, parent power, childcare, manners etc.

Written by a divorce and life reinvention consultant and an expert divorce financial planner, this highly interactive guide provides essential information and advice about the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce.

Divorce is never easy, but with the information in Nolo’s Essential Guide to Divorce, you can make the process as simple, inexpensive, and conflict-free as possible. With compassion and expertise, family law attorney Emily Doskow explains how to make divorce less painful.

Randi Burggraff, Justin Tash, and Bryan Levy lay out a
roadmap to help you understand the process, rules, and potential outcomes. More
importantly, you will master the critical mindset shift that will get you and your partner
on the path to a “good” divorce.

This book has been written to help parents chart a course to a hopeful future where children can be loved and cared for by both parents. It provides vital information on risk & resiliency factors and fifteen positive steps that parents can take to protect their children from adult conflict, foster healthy child adjustment and support positive relationships with both parents.