Support Groups

Online Support Groups for Alienated Parents

The Parental Alienation Association, founded by Lawrence Joss, is a free support, education and advocacy group. They offer free online meetings which is a 12 step programme based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous but adapted to be relevant to alienation. . They also offer other resources among which are free educational webcasts and they organize advocacy work. Subscribe to their mailing list to receive the links to weekly meetings on Mondays, Saturdays and other special days during the year that prove particularly challenging for alienated family members. Visit their website and go to the contact page to get onboard.

Facebook Group: Child Maintenance Difficulties in South Africa

Child Maintenance Difficulties in South Africa (CMDSA), is a Facebook group founded by Felicity Guest to offer support to people going through the maintenance system. The Facebook group currently has over 67 000 members and is growing daily.  The vision is to inspire and empower parents seeking to enforce their child’s rights to financial support as contained in the Constitution. The admins and moderators are dedicated to cultivating hope and helping parents understand and navigate the maintenance courts. They support, educate, inspire and mentor parents to change the normalization of mothers having to bear the bulk of the responsibility of raising children, so that their children are able to attain their full potential.