Child Protection Week

This week is Child Protection Week (1-7 June 2015)

Is your child protected from the horrors of your divorce?

Divorce PG LV 1 Jun 15
















C: Consider and respect everyone’s feelings of anxiety, disappointment, fear, uncertainty, anger, resentment etc., during the divorce process, not only your own.

H: Help your children to build and maintain a good relationship with their other parent, regardless of the mistakes they made.

I: Involve the other parent in all aspects of your children’s lives – they need both parents to be present no matter what.

L: Let your children speak up or act out when they need to, without giving them reason to display violent behaviour and foul language, while using your divorce as an excuse.

D: Your children need not know the reasons for your divorce, nor the ensuing disagreements, until they are mature enough to really comprehend the magnitude of it. Even then, it is still not wise to share the gory details with them.







Posted by Sinta Ebersohn (Creator of – Stellenbosch RSA)