Christmas Trees for Alienated Families

288 Alienated Children’s Names from all over the world, Pinned to two Christmas Trees for Alienated Families in 2017.


Did you miss someone last Christmas? Claim the rightful place of your alienated child or grand-child in your family! Hold a space for them in your circle of celebrations and honour the tremendous trauma of everyone involved.

Millions of families all over the world, spent Christmas and the holidays without one (or more) of their beloved children. Why? Somehow, somewhere, a parent decided to violate that child’s basic human right to a healthy relationship with both his/her father and mother. These families will mourn the loss of those precious children and the children might never know their parent, siblings, grand-parents and extended family.

Alienation is a devastating crime and the harmful effects extend way beyond Christmas, to every birthday and milestone celebration of the alienated child. Read more about Parental Alienation as it occurs during divorce. Long after the child has grown up, the pain remains of the loving parent fading into a distant relative and finally becoming a total stranger. No child should be forced to grow up without one of their parents unless they are deceased!

In honour of our beloved alienated children, I created Christmas Trees to pin their names to. Help me to show the world how many children will be robbed of a parent and the privilege to spend the festive season with both sides of their families. Pin the name(s) of your alienated child(ren), even if they’re adults today, to this tree to claim their rightful place in your family, hold a space for them in your circle of celebrations and honour the tremendous trauma of everyone involved. You are still invited to join this cause, even though Christmas is past, as alienation occurs over the entire spectrum of families and cultures in this world.

It is time to show the world how big the problem is and that urgent, radical action is needed to rescue our children from this abuse! Let’s fill up as many trees as possible. Pins will be updated every 24 hours, so bookmark this page to check yours and follow the progress. Also share this page with all the alienated families you know. As an alienated child and stepparent, I have pinned my own name, “Sinta”, on Tree A at the co-ordinates E13. Click on the images below to see the two Christmas Trees with 288 names from all over the world already pinned to them. You may use any format you are comfortable with: name, initials, nickname etc. Your participation is free, confidential and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Christmas Tree A

Christmas Tree B

This project was run in 2017. 


Written by Sinta Ebersohn (Creator of – Stellenbosch RSA)