Spiritual Discipline

Discipline 2

Everyone has a personal inner spot or space they can go to where they sit with the Creator. This space is different for each person and it is the place where we can go to which lets this dimension melt away so we can get clear and recharge.


The simple fact is that whatever we put our attention on is what we are going to get more of. So spending quality time soaking up the essence of creation is a vital ingredient to attaining mental and emotional stability. This comes in very handy when life swings us a curve ball!

The universe is here to support us; not (as many still believe), to challenge us. The universe does not constantly create processes for us to sift through, but it gives us what we want.

We are dancing a finely tuned dance between that which we WILL into our lives and that which we open to flow into our lives. We need to be very aware of our CREATIONS. What is your heart asking for? We need to care first and foremost about the way we feel as this is what is steering our life experiences. Own your feelings and share them with your creator and you will be guided to the life flow that brings abundance, joy and great love.

Have discipline with:

  • Caring about the way you feel
  • Becoming sensitive to the way you feel
  • Setting aside 15 minutes every day for meditation, without fail. Deliberately quietening your mind. Focus on something simple. This allows an opening up to the path of least resistance, and clarity that come from that.

The Practise of Discipline

Pick a time of day where you can be quiet and meditate. The morning is a great time. While you sleep, the momentum of your thoughts subside, so when you wake in the morning, you are mentally refreshed. Use that time to make conscious positive points of focus for your day.

Having a healthy body means having a body that is harbouring less toxins. This fosters a less toxic mind. Be disciplined with what you eat and do exercise daily. Practise balance in all that you do, so rather than thinking of this discipline as a cutting out of things you love eating; treat the change as an upgrade to a very vital YOU. And find a gentle and cleansing exercise that you may never have tried before and see it as an adventure.

Eat organic foods, whole foods, and buy fresh produce that has not travelled from afar as often as you can. Physical exercise that supports a healthy mind and body which is gentle during times when you are spending so much energy on the trauma that you are going through are, (as an example): yoga, thai chi, qi gong, walking in nature, swimming (esp. in the ocean or a natural lake or river), surfing, rock climbing and mountain hiking.

Have more quiet time in your day and be disciplined with what electronic exposure you are comfortable with, or can handle.

Be disciplined in caring first and foremost about the way you feel. And doing anything you can do to own that. Remember that when you feel good, you have more to offer others.

Most importantly, be disciplined in following your heart, and not being guided by the fearful voice of your ego.


Written for fairdivorce.co.za by Candice Jones (Spiritual Mentor – Stellenbosch)