Is Media Fueling the Divorce War?



News24 HOT TOPICS today:
“Morgan Deane talks divorce: Now the war begins for real”


Divorce is an extremely sensitive family matter, notorious for its devastating effects on spouses, their children, their extended families, friends, colleagues and even new partners. The destruction is more often than not caused by the acrimonious litigation extended to the absolute limit of the parties’ financial and emotional means.

Dissolution of a marriage (divorce) ought to be a collaborative process with mediation at the core, not a war. It should be a fair process managed by the parties themselves, not a vexatious war waged by attorneys.

It is shocking that Channel24 provides exposure to an initiative intent on the detriment of society. A heading such as “Morgan Deane talks divorce: Now the war begins for real” seeks sensation with no regard for the best interests of readers. As a divorcee and fierce campaigner for civilised and fair divorce, I dare say that this is a disgrace!

Consider the profound impact of Morgan Deane’s words, which are open to interpretation with such an inflammatory heading, in the context she wrote it:

“Peace? Hah! Now the war begins for real”
“If you want to hit a parent exactly where it hurts, aim straight at their ability to parent.”
“Litigators are the most feared lawyers. Their goal is to obtain the desired result for their client, whether they are in the right or the wrong.”

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Is media taking our collective duty to share information responsibly, very serious?


Don’t Engage in Divorce War, Engage in Fairness


Posted by Sinta Ebersohn (Creator of – Stellenbosch RSA)