Parental Alienation Interviews

Interviews with Alienated Familiy Members All Over the World

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Alienated Grandmother

Alienated grandmother Debbie Grande shares the shocking story of how her daughter was systematically alienated from her children and as a result, the grandparents estranged too.

Alienated Father

Sinta Ebersohn of Fair Divorce interviews Norwegian father Jonas Dahl, about his divorce and how he was instantly cut off from his children in 2018 and alienated ever since.

Alienated Father

Sinta Ebersohn interviews Lawrence Joss of the Parental Alienation Association as they discuss his personal experience as an alienated father and how & why he founded the organisation with the support and resources offered.

Alienated Father

Sinta Ebersohn interviews alienated father Ethan Smith as he shares his experience of the rapid alienation of his children, as a result of divorce and how he continues to fight for them.

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