Stop Paying So Much For Your Divorce

stop-paying-too-muchAre you worried sick about paying all the costs of your divorce? Do you lie awake at night, anxious that you will not be able to afford your attorney’s fees? Have you considered staying in an unhappy marriage because you simply cannot afford to get divorced?


It does not have to cost a fortune! It should not ruin you financially! A life-time of divorce experience taught me that there are much cheaper solutions to every divorce and I can help you solve your unique problems!

With my help, You will

  1. Minimise Conflict and Trauma, which will
  2. Save you Time and Money and as a result
  3. Get a Win-Win Settlement

A fair divorce that won’t cost you a fortune is well within your reach. All you have to do is claim it for yourself right now and follow some simple steps to make an immediate impact. Have a look at the personal mentor options available and let me know how you would prefer to proceed.

Personal Mentor Options


Written by Sinta Ebersohn (creator of – Stellenbosch RSA)