Intimate Partner Betrayal Trauma

Intimate Partner Betrayal is a profound emotional and psychological trauma. In this video I explain the immense impact on the betrayed partner and the far reaching effects on their past, present and future Self. When your partner or significant other betrays your mutual trust relationship it affects so many areas of your live adversely: emotionally, …

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Sexual Health & Relationships

Intimacy and Sex – How it Impacts our Relationships Subscribe to Sinta Ebersohn’s Youtube Channel to view past and future interviews Subscribe to the Fair Divorce Podcast to listen to all her interviews and other discussions. Sinta Ebersohn recently interviewed Cheryl Reum to celebrate World Sexual Health Day on 4 September. Watch this uninhibited conversation …

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Earn Forgiveness and Rebuild Trust after Betrayal

Whether you divorce or reconcile, it remains paramount to earn forgiveness for betraying our spouses and work diligently to build a renewed trusting relationship. This process set out below, will not only bring healing but will lay the foundation for respectful and amicable co-parenting where children are involved. To err is human, to take full …

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