Maintenance Courts

Child Maintenance Difficulties

Support for Parents Going Through The Child Maintenance System CMDSA CMDSA is an acronym for Child Maintenance Difficulties in South Africa, a Facebook group founded by Felicity Guest in July 2014.  She started the group to offer support to people going through the maintenance system as a result of her own traumatic experience with a fraudulent …

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Claiming Maintenance Outside South Africa

South Africa has reciprocal enforcement agreements with several countries, so maintenance can be claimed from a person living in those countries. Where one of the parties reside in a proclaimed country or territory under this agreement, the process of claiming maintenance between the two countries can be followed through diplomatic channels. It takes approximately 12 …

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Children of Single Parents Need Support from Courts

Single mothers are not the ones in need of support from courts – our Children are the ones who desperately need support from our courts. News24 article, ‘Single mothers need support from courts’, 2017-08-01, by Aishah Cassiem refers: If a single mother is raising her child without the financial support of the child’s father, it …

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