This is what people are saying about the Fair Divorce initiative:

“I have just visited your website. It really is an amazingly comprehensive one stop shop for all the wisdom and info and guidance that is so necessary and valuable for divorcing spouses. I really am most impressed. ”


C Mendelow

“It seems that you can inspire and help a lot of people.”


E Bensoussan

“Wow Sinta… I really like your site. And great article! Lots of helpful info. Thanks so much for sharing.”


PA – Support & Awareness

“Oh my gosh, Sinta, that is amazing. What wonderful work you are doing and much needed work too!”


K Yuhl

“Sinta, I’ve had a look at some of the help available, especially the speaking books. Amazing!!!!!”


L van Rooyen

“Cool info thanks. Absolutely love anything like this.”


Divorce Talk

“It is an excellent article and I will spread the word and the great work that you are doing.”


A Denton

“I think the website is a very good idea and can send out valuable information to people.”


C Swart

“You are really using your own experience to improve other people’s lives.”


S Hitchcock

“I appreciate your initiative and commitment.”


M Meyer

“Wow! Thank you for sharing this wonderful initiative with me!”


J Bands

“What a wonderful website you have created.”


J O’Brien

“May fairdivorce go from strength to strength and really make a difference and give hope for a fair divorce.”


P vd Bank

“I think your website is a very good idea, and I like its approach very much.


M vd Want

“Beautiful words re commitment to an ex spouse…. The Happy Anniversary Ex article was great.”


T Martini

“All the best with this initiative Sinta … will mean so much to so many!!!”


R du Plooy

“Best wishes Sinta and well done.”


P G v Pittius

“Well done, Sinta”


P Nieuwenhuis

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