Let it Go 23 Jun 16“Whatever is in me is stronger than what is out there to defeat me.” ~ Caroline Myss

Unexpected and unplanned change in our lives is never easy to deal with. What makes divorce such a major hurdle from a spiritual perspective, are the vows we make when we enter into the marriage. These being the promises made before a ‘higher order’ that this union will last forever; or ‘till death do us part’.

Your energetic system has invested a lot of energy into these promises that you believed in and because it no longer holds true to you to be united to this particular person, it is very important to do the work of untying the knot/cutting the cords and deleting the energetic contracts that were made.

So before you can truly accept a divorce and move on…, I recommend that you do the practice suggested below or create a sacred ritual of your own that most suits your personality and belief system.

Acceptance and surrender will help you to get to a place where you embrace the present moment as it is. Peace of mind will follow and you will make better decisions towards a life that brings you true joy.

The healing practice in preparation for acceptance of what is

What you will need is a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for 20 minutes. Make the space comfortable, maybe lighting a candle and burning sandalwood incense. I would like to suggest that you use sandalwood oil, placing a drop of oil in a base oil and rub it on your chest and abdomen. Have some cushions available and then lie down on a mat bringing your feet together, touching sole-to-sole. You may choose to place cushions beneath your knees to support your hips or behind your chest and head to raise the upper body slightly.

Read through the instructions below so that you can recall the process when you lie back

So you are comfortably lying on your back with your knees apart and your feet are touching one another. Softly close your eyes and relax your body with your palms facing up to the sky.

Visualise yourself surrounded by a white light. You are cocooned in this safe space. See yourself and the other (in this case your ex-spouse) connected by a thick cord. The substance of this cord is made up of all the contracts written, vows and promises made that are all floating about in a liquid that is stale as all this information is now redundant. So imagine holding your own special sword. This sword is your sword of TRUTH. Wield your sword and use it to cut this cord between you two. Imagine a VIOLET coloured flame burning the two ends of the cord away right into where it is attached to your bodies. Try to feel where that attachment is in your body and then dip your fingertips onto that spot and start to breathe slowly and deeply. Keep your shoulders relaxed so that you can stay in this position as long as needed. You are healing your wound.

When you feel ready to open your eyes, sit up slowly and thank the ‘other’ for all you have learned through your journey together and set the situation free. You can say in your minds’ eye: “I accept what is!”

Go about the rest of your day with joy and use your sandalwood oil over this period of surrender. It will take as long as it needs. Be blessed!

Properties of Sandalwood Oil: This oil can help encourage self-expression and boost lack of confidence. It brings peace and acceptance, and is therefore useful for grieving; helping the individual cut their ties with the past. Please be cautioned that it could cause dermatitis.


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Written for by Candice Jones (Spiritual Mentor – Stellenbosch)

Posted by Sinta Ebersohn (Creator of – Stellenbosch RSA)