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Brilliant Handbooks on Co-Parenting and Parenting Plans, highly recommended to Fair Divorce Readers



Karen Bonnell, who is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators, has more than 30 years’ experience as collaborative divorce coach for families facing the transition of divorce. She has been in private practice since 1984, writes regularly and trains health care and legal professionals.

Karen played an instrumental role in the development of the Compassionate Listening Project and applies the heart-centered approach to authentic speaking and capable listening, which is utilised worldwide in high-conflict situations, to her work with co-parents navigating their way through divorce.

“Forgiveness does not mean agreement. It does not say that you felt another made the right choices or behaved in acceptable ways. It means acceptance of another and yourself as less than perfect…and letting go.”
– Karen

Her enthusiasm and love for helping divorcing families restructure in the best way possible, prompted Karen to co-write two books and a third is underway.

The Co-Parents’ Handbook

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Co-written with child specialist Kristin Little, The Co-Parents’ Handbook, introduces parents to the best ways to support their children, teaches them how to strengthen their co-parenting as well as offer them the necessary tools to skillfully create a two-home family. This book is also available as an audiobook.

Some of the interesting topics covered include Communication Protocols, Decision Making, Life-Cycle Events, Public Places and New Adults.

The Parenting Plan Handbook

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Consisting of a workbook and more than four hours of coaching seminars, called “Kids First”, this book provides valuable insights into the mechanics of writing a strong, child-centered parenting plan.

The very handy, four part content covers Creating a Parenting Plan while Keeping Kids Central, Designing a Residential Schedule, Transitions, Communication & Decision-Making and finally Changes, Conflict Resolution & Co-Parenting.

Read more about Karen Bonnell and her Life’s Work


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  1. Fair Divorce says:

    Congratulations to our winners!

    The Co-Parents’ Handbook goes to Carmen.

    The Parenting Plan Handbook goes to Vilene.

    You will both receive e-mails shortly.

    Thank you for participating.

  2. Jeanine Simpson says:

    I am an Attorney, specialising in Divorce and Family Law, and the Parenting Plan Handbook would be put to daily use !

  3. The Parenting Plan Handbook will be a very useful tool for me in my mediation practice.

  4. Carmen says:

    The co-parenting book please, it’s something we are not getting right at the moment

  5. Gavin George says:

    I will truly appreciate the co-parenting book. My kids mean a lot to me. They require both parents in their lives & this book will provide the foundation for good recipe for rearing kids of divorced parents.

  6. Gavin George says:

    I truly appreciate the co parenting book. In my case divorce case i received bad.

  7. Jennifer says:

    Parenting plan handbook… Looks amazing and so practical. My divorce clients will love it…

  8. I would utilise the Parenting Plan Handbook as content covers Creating a Parenting Plan while Keeping Kids Central, Designing a Residential Schedule, Transitions, Communication & Decision-Making and very importantly Conflict Resolution.
    Drawing up Parenting Plans is NOT cut & paste, every plan should be specifically designed.

    Kind regards