Fair Divorce Mandalas to Release Stress

Discover the Power of Making Mandalas when Stressed!

Are you constantly stressed out and emotionally overwhelmed by the challenges that your divorce process is throwing your way? Well, I’ve designed a great way to relieve your divorce stress in a creative way by making your own Divorce Mandala and at the same time, create a new artwork for your home. Watch this video below to see some of the wonderful stress releasing divorce mandalas that were made during my exhausting divorce process. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive impact is has on your emotional well-being and your state of mind when negotiating with your ex.

How I Used Mandalas to Curb My Anger

Whenever I felt emotionally triggered, like sad about something that broke my heart, or frustrated about something my ex had done, or even worse, ANGRY at myself for being uninformed, afraid to stand up for myself or losing a battle, I would retreat into a safe space and take some me-time to make a mandala that expressed exactly how I feel. I would go through an active cleansing ritual that helped me get grounded again and step back into my full power, so that I could face the divorce drama again with confidence. Watch this short video to see how I did it.

Transform your journey through divorce, by making your own beautiful divorce mandalas with divorce mantras crafted in your own words. Display them and make a daily ritual of reading them out loud. They will guide you through the divorce process and beyond. These divorce mandalas were designed with healing intention. Choose from a collection of five designs to get started. Instructions, examples & details are provided with your purchase of the set.

Posted by Sinta Ebersohn (Creator of fairdivorce.co.za – Cape Town, South Africa)