This is what people are saying about the Fair Divorce initiative:

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“I never looked at my divorce as deep as this. I am fascinated with the Divorce Mandala. Thank you for sharing.”

C Anne

“You have blessed me more than you will ever know.”

E Santapaga

“Wow Sinta… I really like your site. And great article! Lots of helpful info. Thanks so much for sharing.”

PA – Support & Awareness

“Oh my gosh, Sinta, that is amazing. What wonderful work you are doing and much needed work too!”

K Yuhl

“Sinta, I’ve had a look at some of the help available, especially the speaking books. Amazing!!!!!”

L van Rooyen

“Cool info thanks. Absolutely love anything like this.”
.Divorce Talk
“It is an excellent article and I will spread the word and the great work that you are doing.”

A Denton

“I think the website is a very good idea and can send out valuable information to people.”

C Swart

“You are really using your own experience to improve other people’s lives.”

S Hitchcock

“I appreciate your initiative and commitment.”
.M Meyer
“Wow! Thank you for sharing this wonderful initiative with me!”

J Bands

“What a wonderful website you have created.”

.J O’Brien

“May fairdivorce go from strength to strength and really make a difference and give hope for a fair divorce.”

P vd Bank

“I think your website is a very good idea, and I like its approach very much.

M vd Want

“Beautiful words re commitment to an ex spouse…. The Happy Anniversary Ex article was great.”

T Martini

“All the best with this initiative Sinta … will mean so much to so many!!!”

R du Plooy

“Best wishes Sinta and well done.”

P G v Pittius

“Well done, Sinta”

P Nieuwenhuis

Read more Testimonials here.


Posted by Sinta Ebersohn (Creator of fairdivorce.co.za – Stellenbosch RSA)